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I know what you’re thinking. Actually I don’t but that’s the transition I’m going with. What I’m projecting that you’re thinking is, “Why the Hell isn’t this site in the 21st century? Why isn’t it updated more often? Why can’t I get dry pork ribs of sufficient quality at 3AM?”

Well for the last little while/years I’ve been doing my best to try new layouts, designs, styles for PN. Both to find the best version and to practice up my own web skills.

But now research has led me to the new (for me) world of Blogger. I’ve resisted the stigma of blogging for some time now but I am familiar with several sites which use a blogging style of presentation and I’ve decided to make the jump. Especially after seeing the ease of use and versatility of the Blogger platform.

So now (once again) PN is born again. As well work continues on our professional sister site Tone Deaf Pony. For TDP I’ll be trying out Tumblr to weigh the pros and cons vs Blogger.

Speaking of Blogger. My thanks to Katrina Tan for her excellent online tips, tricks and tutorials. If you’re jumping on the Blogger/blogging wagon or just want some web info or just want to check out some coolness check out one of Katrina’s various great sites. (eg: or

So I’ll do my best to continue creating, etc. You’re under no obligation to buy or listen or anything really. All I ask is that you don’t hit me with anything. And if you do, please, not in the face.

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