10 Reasons to Not Be Vegetarian

I just noticed that the last two articles were vegetable related. I apologize deeply. Please allow this post to balance out the plant based nature of current utterings. Thanks.

1. Ordering food in a restaurant will be much easier.

2. You can stop wondering what else was fried in the oil used to make your deep fried pickles.

3. Taste. There are numerous animals which are too delicious to pass up.

4. Health. Drastic changes in diet can lead to rectal bleeding and cranial implosion.

5. You can stop getting your own small pizza.

6. The constant hunger pangs when feeding your dog/cat will disappear.

7. The stick up your ass will drop out.

8. Bacon!

9. Eating contests will actually have meaning.

10. Don’t just get extra fries, get extra everything.

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