Screw Snark

There aren’t a whole lot of ways to improve the world left I don’t think. No matter what you say or do there will always be people there waiting to twist your words and deeds around making them about something else or worse about themselves.

It sounds like I’m being cynical about the very existence of cynicism and that may be the case but it’s not far from the truth. On the other hand do I recommend giving up? No. What would be the point of that?

Why let these people win? There’s no reason to give in so quickly when the weak words of angry, bitter individuals do nothing to the fabric of the world but leave slight wrinkles even the cheapest poorly designed iron can remove.

Maybe it’s just the jealousy that the Internet breeds. Maybe it’s just the democratic digital forum that allows those of us with thoughts, rage and smartphones to complain about an actor, a musician, an athlete, etc. Instead of creating something of our own.

Are we so used to taking that we can no longer give?

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