Making Your Own Bottleneck

I don’t have any words of wisdom just now. Any insight that results is purely an accident. I think on the human nature of organization. Without structure will people just cease to endure? For some I have to believe that this is the case.

Without a constant stream of stimulus telling them where to go and when, as well as what to do when they get there, I firmly put my stock into certain members of the human race simply falling into the ditch and dying a slow pitiful death. How else can you explain grown adults calling the police when a fast food restaurant gets their order wrong?

It surprises me that major corporations rely so heavily on the shoddy, chicken wire minds of people just like these. People who cannot move ahead until they have the clearest possible view of where they are headed. Are you so afraid of the unknown or of making a mistake in your day to day life that you can’t stomach making a decision? If you move ahead strongly and quickly enough any mistake can be corrected. Just keep moving!

The day that anarchy strikes I may not be the strongest, fastest or well armed but I’m for damn sure tying my own laces when it gets here.

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