Wish for silence and you will be rewarded with noise

What do you have control of? Sometimes all it is is the physical reality around you. You can cut your hair, change your clothes, rearrange your furniture but the rest of it swirling about you is just the ocean in an oncoming storm.

Trying to keep your head above water is hard enough but what can you do when there’s no land in sight? We grit our teeth and soldier on. Yet marching forever isn’t an option. All great empires come crashing down. No system is eternal. Evolution weeds us out.

The magic of the human animal is that we can change the course. We can find new ways to exist. An empire falls and we choose another plot to build upon.

The captain may go down with the ship but for the man with his ear to the ground, for the one who sees the signs before the final coup de grace, there is always somewhere else to turn.

We’re going down but the wisest of us are never out.

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