Started a Story, Just Because

The anger filled Humber’s cup like he knew it would. That’s why he came to the meeting in the first place. That and he was sick of going home and having to listen to Wendy’s bullshit.

Humber sat in the back and doodled on a discarded menu from a Chinese restaurant he didn’t recognize. The man speaking had been doing so for some time, at least it seemed that way to Humber. They all blended together after a while.

The man across the aisle noticed Humber looking down at his drawing rather than the speaker. He rose to fetch a cup of coffee from the dispenser at the back of the room and then sat back down almost next to Humber on his left, leaving an empty seat between them.

Humber ignored this externally but internally he grit himself against what he knew what was coming.

The man leaned over and looked briefly at Humber’s illustrations then leaned back.

Humber spoke first, “Whatever it is you’re gonna say I don’t need to hear it.”

“No I’m good. I wasn’t going to comment. It is quaint though.”

Humber looked over at the man and saw that he had a familiar face. That and his left eye was a dark blue. His right eye was brown but his left did not have the familiar white-iris-pupil pattern it was just a single flat dark blue.

The blue eyed man looked back, “Quaint is how it always starts, Humber.”

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