Time Staggers

I used to work at a pizza place. For two years I sauced my way through the lunches and dinners of others. My experiences there taught me a great deal about my fellow human beings. Mostly in regards to how absurd their expectations are, how willingly many of them will steal when they think the weight of it belongs to someone else, other negatives but also how easy going, ambitious and good natured they can be.

After the joint closed its doors it stood unoccupied for a time. A shell once brimming with life until someone else picked up the baton, ran with it for a bit and then ultimately gave up on pizza once again. Now new owners have seen fit to rend what remains of the pizza related guts and turn it into a sushi place. A new food for a new age. I wish them the best.

Yet the other night I took a stroll down there, as the weather has finally taken a turn for the better, and noticed that the old equipment still sits at the side of the building.
The counter, where many a customer was served. The deep fryer, where many a culinary frying experiment took place. The grill, which only ever worked on one side and had a horrific grease trap which required emptying every couple weeks. Let’s not forget the pressure fryer, which never quite cooked anything evenly and would spray scalding hot oil everywhere if not operated with finesse. Not only that the kitchen table, where anything and everything was prepared.

There was fun, frustration, despair, joy and all things swirling around those mediocre categorizations.

Now. What?

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