Ice Bucket Challenge

First off let me thank Josh Haliuk for the nomination for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. (Especially thanks for the 24 hour window starting at 7:30 on Sunday evening. :|) Anyhow given the time constraints, the day I’ve had, the mood I’m in, and the fact that I’m not much for peer pressure or ultimatums… I’ve decided to go the donation route here. But I’d gladly dunk myself in any number of liquids for charity or for a larf. Rather than passing along a trio of nominations I urge you guys and gals and to give not only to support ALS research and care but any other cause out there that you believe in but never quite get around to funding! Not just because it’s trendy but because of that warm fuzzy feeling that doing good gives you! (I don’t want to start a whole thing but this link has some good points.)

Thanks all!

(Reposted from Facebook for those who hate Facebook.)

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