Wordless discord paints my face as I go through the motions,
rising and falling with the sun as if it were a carrot on a stick.
Held by an unseen master with no revealed purpose but to push and prod,
you can prod back, push back but we all end up where he wants us.
I can’t drive down that road it bores me.
I can’t drink from that stream it sickens me.
The only things that motivate me are mine and mine alone,
what does that make me but a no good son of a bitch?
I’d share but then I wouldn’t be me anymore,
you can’t think about your own questions when you have to answer someone else’s.
I can’t walk down that path I know where it ends.
I can’t eat from that tree there’s a bakery nearby.
I know I’m right just like you know you are,
which I guess means… that it all means… fuck all.

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