Breakfast in a Glass – Booze Review

The local Elephant & Castle branch has a breakfast shot the exact name of which escapes me but it is breakfast based and contains Jameson, orange juice and bacon.

I have yet to try their intriguing bit of recreational business but I was intrigued enough to cobble together my own version. I went with:

  • 1/3 Jameson
  • 2/3 Orangina
  • A sprinkle of bacon bits

I figured too much Jameson would overpower the other ingredients but might actually go 50/50 next time as only a hint of it is apparent in the final product. Although that may be preferable for those who enjoy a light breakfast. Very easy to down and quite tasty. With just a hint of whiskey/alcohol taste (In its current configuration.) but the after play of the bacon really goes along with the orange to give it a hefty breakfast vibe. That and bacon so.

All in all a tasty little bit of wackiness. 4 out of 5.

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