An open letter to those who could stop gun violence

To whom it may concern,
Though I am a Canadian citizen, and admittedly not a gun owner, I believe having a heart and mind give me the necessary qualifications to speak on any subject I see fit. It’s something, were I American, the first amendment to the constitution would grant me. The ability to freely express my opinion.
But those are just guides; outlined by human beings and interpreted by other human beings. One of my favourite Twain quotes happens to be, “Laws control the lesser man. Right conduct the greater.” The first amendment is an important thing to have written down. So people can see its truth in plain black and white text. However its spirit is there just the same without its writing. Every man, woman and child on Earth has the ability and right of god or nature to say what they wish, do what they wish, etc. That is the beauty of being alive and exploring life. Deep down we all know this.
And deep down we all know that, just as expressing ourselves is the common sense thing to do, so is moderating literal killing tools. I realize that there are obstacles getting to place where America can consider itself a country where gun control pleases both sides. I don’t want to go into all the minutiae and political talking points though. You’ve done that already. You’ve done that, pardon me, to death.
Let’s forget about pleasing both sides and worry about protecting your citizens. From each other and themselves. Even the most ardent gun fanatic I have to believe doesn’t look at incidents like the recent slaughter in Las Vegas and think that more guns, bigger guns, etc is the answer. You can argue the ‘would-could-should haves’ forever but not wanting to have pieces of metal slice through you and tear you to pieces seems like a pretty reasonable expectation when you go out to a concert with your friends.
The NRA doesn’t care about human beings. The people who make guns and sell guns don’t care about human beings. They just want to be able to shoot their guns and rake in cash. They do not care.
After all that’s happened. After Sandy Hook especially it seems that you don’t either. Your people are dying. Your children are dying. DO SOMETHING! Please, do something.
-Paul Nix

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