Portable Non-cast – Episode 2

Brand new episode of Portable Non-cast! Episode the twost!

The truth is weirder than fiction but is soooo much more banal. Hence in this episode I remark on random news I noticed on Twitter the day of recording. Eg: Beyoncé performing at a child’s birthday party essentially, the insane Sonic the Hedgehog movie poster and the bizarre ad campaign I finally remembered to address at https://www.famousfingers.ca/. Not only that but I breakdown (slightly) the first half of the best selling (for some reason) book “Left Behind”! It’s all the excitement of waiting in a doctor’s office with none of the your phone to look at porn on. And lastly but not Lashley. (Ha ha! References!) As the booze starts to wear off I give a brief review of the recent WWE show in Winnipeg! It’s fun for the whole family. (The WWE show that is. Not this podcast. Don’t- Don’t listen to this if you’re under 18.)

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